Wealth Management and Private Banking

Wealth Management and Private Banking

Whether you are in Corporate, Business or Commercial Banking, or a Private Banker/Wealth Manager….a large part of the role is:

  • Retaining existing client relationships.
  • Further developing the commercial value from existing client relationships.
  • Bringing new clients to the business, as cost effectively as possible. 

In short, to sell the Bank and its products and services. 

A slight challenge is that most professional people don’t consider themselves to be ‘in sales’. 

So what is stopping the majority of client facing people from delivering on these objectives? 

It tends to be a combination of:

  • Allowing the allocation of their time to unprofitable activities/business relationships.
  • A lack of confidence when it comes to proactively engaging with high net worth clients/business owners.
  • Ineffective presentations – poorly structured and delivered without conviction. 


We've worked with Individuals and Teams all over the world including working with Goldman Sachs to develop resilience strategies with their client facing people.


Find out more by downloading our presentation on Effective client relationship development for Bankers and Wealth Managers