How we do it


'90% of the development activities took place in the Client environment. The Auxano Team built excellent rapport with our Relationship Managers leading to the implementation of new ideas that led to a much greater understanding of our Clients. This in turn enabled us to identify and fulfil more business opportunities.

A novel approach that worked really well'.

Head of Relationship Banking - Private Bank based in Edinburgh and London. 


How we do it?


We immerse ourselves in your sector and your business. This doesn't take long but ensures we understand your challenges and your people.

For sales teams, this means attending customer meetings both to observe current behaviour and to support the embedding of new engagement strategies. 

When we're sure that we understand the context, we build high levels of confidence very quickly by developing your peoples ability to use highly relevant and practical skills that work. Our workshops are bite sized based, practical and challenging. Your people will establish the value of these skills very quickly leading to a very high level of immediate implementation. 

We often act as locum coaches during the implementation phase.