Confidence through capability.

As the great Gary Player said, 'the more I practice, the luckier I get'.

We know that people who are confident exude an aura that other people buy in to, very quickly.

We also know that people who lack confidence, consistently give out clues about their lack of confidence. These clues are easy to see, hear and sense and in a business context, this lack of confidence in turn creates a lack of confidence in the team/audience. 

In the last 23 years, our team have created and delivered thousands of events for hundreds of thousands of people. Our approach is very straightforward and extremely relevant. 

We first establish the precise skills your people are going to need to be both effective and confident. Most training consists of a typical scattergun approach in a class room session crammed with ideas. Some people this represents good value for money. We don't agree.

We focus heavily on one or possibly two skills and use a variety of learning methods to build capability and as a direct result of this capability, confidence. When our learners leave the learning environment, they know:

They are good at using these skills

Their new skills are relevant and practical

Whether we then support your team in the field based environment or not, we know the likelihood of your team doing something new is considerably higher than when they don't develop confidence. 

When you add effective, field based coaching, the chances of behavioural change increase exponentially.