Bryan was asked to work with the Northern Ireland Football Team in the summer of 2014.

The team had drawn or lost all 10 of their games while failing to qualify for the World Cup Finals in 2014.

Bryan worked with the Playing Group to develop teamship, leadership and resilience ahead of the start of qualification on 7th September 2014 in Hungary. 

No Northern Ireland Team had ever gone one goal down in an away match and come back to win the game. 

The Manager Michael O'Neill, had told the team that drawing in Hungary was as bad as losing. 

In doing so, he gave the Team the license to do whatever was needed to win the game. 

Hungary did go one goal up in the 75th minute through a goal by Priskin.

(I was listening to the game while in Australia with a client).

What would happen now?

Niall McGinn scored in the 81st minute. 

Michael's instructions must still have been clear because Kyle Lafferty scored in the 88th minute....

Northern Ireland were ahead and went on to win and to qualify for Euro 2016. 


Their first away win for four years. 

The team energised a lot of people in Northern Ireland and beyond.

What did we do?

  • Ensured the players knew that their individual and collective ATTITUDE would dictate their results. 
  • Ensured the players were clear on what they COULD and COULDN'T DO.
  • Built an environment of TRUST across the players and coaching staff

The group of coaches and players who had failed to qualify for the World Cup won their Euro 2016 qualification Group. 

In doing what we did....we created memories for the coaches and players and thousands of people.