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Inspiring the Team and Creating Sales

A lot of people say that they don't like public speaking.


We think they mean that they don't like public speaking badly. 

There's a difference. 

What is true about public speaking is that the Speaker is in the spotlight and the Speaker thinks they'll be judged by the audience.

Now that's true.

Having worked with thousands of Speakers we know that most Speakers are:

Poorly prepared, under rehearsed and therefore, not very confident. (There is a direct link between level of preparation and level of performance). So bottom line, most Speakers aren't great.

This does mean that audience expectations are usually pretty low and this creates opportunity.

Most Speakers worry about being:

Embarrassed and boring and none of us enjoy being embarrassed and who wants to be known for being boring?

The answer?

You need to know how to prepare and how to rehearse and we know how to help you learn it.

We know how to prepare and rehearse and we know 

The reason we know this is because we've worked with over 1400 individual Speakers from Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Switzerland, France, and the UK and Ireland.

Our guarantee

If you attend our event and don't learn anything new, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.


Have a look at the programme and get in touch for more details: bryan@auxanolearning.com

‘He is an excellent teacher. A pleasure to work with’

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 The Programme

One day, nice venue, good food. 

Between 16 and 40 people.

We will work together to help each person create a presentation they will be proud of. 

You won't have to speak in front of the whole audience. You will have the chance to create and practice the essential components of your presentation - for example - your opening. This will be done with a small group (and no video camera). If you want it to be recorded for you, we'll use your phone and only you will watch it back.

You'll learn:

How to prepare a presentation (there are 7 practical things you need to know)

How to open your presentation so that you create an immediate and very positive first impression (there are about 11 different ways to do this)

How to use a 6 point structure to present each of your key ideas (this removes the need for you to use a script or notes)

The different types of visual aids you can use, including powerpoint (how not to use powerpoint and how to use it in a very engaging way)

What and how to rehearse (3 things that confident presenters do)

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'I’ve seen a lot of presenters. He's one of the best'.

CEO Princes Trust


 If you'd like to know when we're running these events and how much you will be asked to invest, please e mail me bryan@auxanolearning.com