(not getting it over with as quickly as possible!)


Never fear public speaking again!


Whether you are engaging an audience of five or fifty five, the skills are the same. Most people don’t fear speaking to five but they do fear speaking to fifty five, yet the skills are the same!

There are no ‘naturally gifted’ public speakers, but there are people who know what to do and do it consistently (and efficiently).


We have devised a highly practical session where attendees will learn to create and deliver compelling presentations.

The learning is in the doing and the feedback is that we have transformed not just the quality of presentations but how people feel about presenting.


One of our four attendees, you will create and rehearse a relevant, a five minute presentation and be surprised with how confident you feel and your impact on the audience.

The session format:

  • What makes a great presentation?
  • Preparation – the three Ss – substance/structure/style
  • Objectives – TIE – teach/inspire/entertain – the correct proportions
  • Creating visual aids as part of committing the content to memory – avoiding death by powerpoint
  • Committing fifteen points to memory – instant retrieval
  • Clever use of props – including using the audience
  • Using structured stories to engage the two buy in motivators
  • Your personal style – what you say, how you say it and how you appear


This is more of a tutorial than a teaching session. 

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