What can you achieve in 20 minutes? by Bryan Dunlop

I work with the Princes Trust in Northern Ireland. I run sessions for them and the Head of the PT, Ian, delivers a team session for us. 

His session is based on his participation in the Round the World yacht race. There are 12 identical boats, led by professionals but crewed by amateurs. 

One of Ian's points resonated with our team.

When his crew were sailing from Rio in Brazil to Durban in South Africa, they decided to measure how far the yacht had travelled in 20 minutes. They then established a personal best for the yacht. In each 20 minute time period after that, the person steering had the objective of setting a new PB. 

The leg from Rio to Durban took 32 days. 

32 days of 20 minute time periods and the constant quest to set a new PB.


It was a race and they wanted to win.

That's focus and an example of how focus can energise both individuals and crews.